The Certified Caregiver/Personal Support Worker (CPSW) provides a range of health care services in a variety of settings.  Caregiving is frequently performed in hospitals, long-term care facilities, group homes, educational facilities, adult day-away programs and even right in the home. The skills required combine nursing, social work and home arts. The CPSW may work in child or elder care settings and critical or long-term care facilities.

One unique advantage that the CCS Academy CPSW program offers is the ability to enroll at any time, study at home and work through the course at your own pace!

The number of people over sixty years of age in Canada will continue to grow in the coming years, and so will the need for caregiving services for the elderly. CCS Academy can help you realize your goals and create a rewarding career for the future.


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CPSW Books - Table of Contents

The Table of Contents section from each book is available below.  This allows you to see in-depth listings of exactly what topics are included in the course. 

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Summary of Program Hours for CPSW Course

*Disclaimer: The hours shown in the table referenced above only apply if the PSW curriculum is taken in a school setting; however, they are not applicable to home study.


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